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Transform Your Third-party Risk Assessment

Our managed services and AI-based tool for automated assessment save you around 60 percent in cost and time. Our experienced analysts dig deep to identify and mitigate vendor risks before they impact your business.

Revolutionize your third-party risk management with the first AI based managed service model for comprehensive automated assessments.

Our state-of-the-art AI technology significantly reduces assessment costs and time by over 60%.

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Revolutionize your managed services

Secure your vendor ecosystem with our cutting-edge risk management solutions, tailored to your business needs.


AI powered automated assessments

Our advanced platform utilizes AI technology to automate and provide comprehensive assessments, ensuring the highest level of security for your software files.


Custom made assessment

Customizing assessments for every customer request, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accurate insights for your unique scope.


CISSP Certified Assessors

All our assessors are CISSP certified to ensure highest level of expertise and evaluating risks.

How Our TPRM Solutions Work

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Why Choose

Unleash the limitless power of our revolutionary AI-based solution, which redefines the third-party assessment landscape with unparalleled ease!

Personalized Third Party Assessment

Embark on a personalized assessment journey with our tailored approach, which delivers a bespoke assessment for each request.

Cost Saving

Experience remarkable cost savings of over 60% compared to outdated assessment methods, unlocking unparalleled value for your organization.

AI managed Service Model

Embrace a revolutionary approach to assessment with our integrated AI and managed service model, achieving unparalleled efficiency by reducing assessment time by over 60%.

Stay ahead of the curve and unlock substantial savings with our indispensable cost-effective periodic re-assessments, providing exceptional value.

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Exceptional customer experiences - that's what we strive for..

Beaconer provided us with exceptional service in third-party risk management. Their advanced tools and machine learning platform has helped us streamline our assessment process and reduce costs, while also improving our results.

Parth Jaghir
Parth Jaghir
Chief Operating Officer

Don't let vendor risks threaten your business.
Take charge with Beaconer's cutting-edge third-party risk management solutions and see the change.

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