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B-Scan - software security testing plugin

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Our plugin can enhance the security of your software installation by performing sandbox testing on software files and delivering comprehensive testing results to ensure a thorough assessment of the software's security aspects.

How it Works

The B-Scan plugin, available for free download in ServiceNow, automatically tests local installation files in a sandbox environment within seconds.

Easy Download from ServiceNow

Easy download from ServiceNow

This is a plugin that is available in ServiceNow so its not information hub.

B-scan Scanning

Scanning for Perfection

B-Scan download the software file and runs vulnerability & reputation scan in sandbox using industry leading scanners.

Network flow scan

Network flow scan

Additionally, B-Scan conducts a wireshark scan to detect any suspicious connections and examines registry changes following the installation of new software.

Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive report in seconds

Upon your request, receive an in-depth report in your ServiceNow ticket within seconds, ensuring swift access to valuable information.

Automated software security testing

Simply download the B-Scan plugin from the ServiceNow store and let B-Scan take care of the rest.

Automated Testing

Vulnerability scanning

Utilize our powerful vulnerability scanning tools to identify and assess potential weaknesses in your systems, providing valuable insights for effective risk mitigation.

Vulnerability scanning

Real time reporting in a matter of seconds

Experience the power of real-time reporting, where you receive comprehensive insights and analysis within a matter of seconds. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions instantly.

Real time reporting

Freedom to innovate for developers

Developers will have the ability and autonomy to explore new ideas, experiment with technologies, and create innovative solutions without unnecessary restrictions or limitations.

Freedom to innovate for developers
Automated Testing
Vulnerability scanning
Real time reporting
Freedom to innovate for developers

Benefits of new software testing plugin

  • Save valuable time and resources with our pioneering product that offers automated testing for software files, which can lead to significant cost and resource savings.
  • This innovative solution automates the assessment process, eliminating the need to subscribe to any sandbox or scanning tools and streamlining the overall security evaluation of your software files.
  • B-Scan reduces the resource load on IT security and IT teams, freeing them from constantly playing catch-up with software requests. This allows development teams to focus on innovation and productivity.
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Beaconer provided us with exceptional service in third-party risk management. Their advanced tools and machine learning platform has helped us streamline our assessment process and reduce costs, while also improving our results.

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Parth Jaghir
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