Looking for a One-time Security Assessment for your start-up?

Enhance your startup’s credibility and security with our essential cybersecurity assessment services designed specifically for start-ups. These services not only bolster your professional image but also ensure comprehensive customer risk evaluation and mitigation. Our thorough cyber risk assessment process identifies, evaluates, and addresses potential threats, equipping your startup for sustained success.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Create your Security road map with our One time Cybersecurity assessment

Managing risk effectively doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Utilise Beaconer’s Cyber Risk Management readiness service to craft a strategic security roadmap that facilitates your initial audit, swiftly achieves certifications, reduces expenses, and boosts revenue generation. Embracing a proactive approach to your risk profile will put you on a secure path and enhance your overall security and compliance process.

Security road map
Easy, Economical and simplified

Easy, Economical and simplified

Beaconer understands the difficulties startups face in managing crucial security measures with tight budgets. Our One-time Cybersecurity Assessment is designed to identify risks in your setup and suggest needed controls. Unlike assessments that only check compliance, ours includes thorough testing of your technical controls, making it perfect for startups without dedicated security teams.
Our team of security experts handles the entire cybersecurity assessment process, ensuring you’re ready to answer customer’s questions about security.

Remediate the Identified Gaps in your Security Posture

As your extended team, Beaconer will also make sure to fix any gaps we find with our excellent expert remediation support. If you lack the bandwidth to handle all security gaps or have dedicated security experts to manage them, let us take care of implementing security controls for you.

Remediate the Identified Gaps


A third party cyber risk assessment and evaluation can help detect threats and ensure that your startup's systems and data stay secure. At Beconer, we offer the best evaluation of cybersecurity measures, highlighting the importance of vendor risk assessment. We also help comply with industry regulations, and our proactive approach can help reduce the chances of data breaches, protect your business's reputation, and build customer trust. Our extensive assessments are streamlined for startups to ensure robust protection.

The time involved with a one time cybersecurity assessment often varies depending on the complexity and size of your startup. Generally, it will take a couple of days or even weeks. Our assessment comprises a complete review of the policies, systems, and processes followed by detailed recommendations and reporting to boost your cybersecurity framework. At Beconer, our streamlined processes and tprm support services ensure effective and on-time cybersecurity assessment.

If you are a startup business, staying ahead of evolving threats is important. For this reason, it is important to conduct cyber risk assessments annually. But if your firm is undergoing any changes, like adopting the latest technologies, growing operations, or experiencing security incidents, frequent assessments are much needed. Regular evaluations can help ensure constant protection and compliance with the growing cybersecurity standards. At Beconer, we offer flexible cybersecurity strategies that meet your growing needs.

Yes, your data remains secure with our effective cyber risk management strategies. Our firm deploys strict measures pertaining to data protection and privacy, including access controls, data encryption, and secure data handling practices. At Beconer, we follow industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your data stays protected throughout our assessment process. We also guarantee top-notch data security during our assessment processes.

A security roadmap forms the strategic plan that outlines every step and action required to address the threats identified in a one time cybersecurity assessment. It includes emphasizing timelines and recommendations and allocating resources, boosting startups' security framework. The roadmap serves as the guiding light that systematically enhances defense mechanisms while mitigating risks. At Beconer, we deliver thorough security roadmaps that enhance your business's cybersecurity.

If you are keen to associate with us for cybersecurity risk assessment, then you can contact us here for the demo. The demo will display our extensive assessment processes streamlined to meet the distinctive needs of your startup. Our experts will steer you through the methods involved, answer your queries, and outline the manner in which our services can boost your third party risk management and cybersecurity framework.


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