Risk Management For Technology

Organizations encounter a dynamic risk environment in today’s rapidly evolving IT/Technology landscape. Technology companies confront the challenge of protecting vital assets such as intellectual property and customer data while relying on empowering technologies that can expose vulnerabilities. Balancing innovation and security becomes paramount for staying resilient in this ever-changing digital era.

Technology Risk Management

68% of technology companies experience security breaches, with 47% attributing them to weaknesses in point-of-sales systems.

Technology becomes an essential industry infrastructure, creating a vast attack surface susceptible to exploitation. In an organization, the involvement of numerous suppliers, partners, and distributors poses a third-party risk, potentially damaging the company’s reputation. Beaconer offers flexible solutions and expertise in identifying technology third-party risks within your network. With near real-time data, we help you pinpoint your riskiest vendors and guide your risk decisions, empowering your IT organization to enhance its protection effectively.

The initial step involves creating a detailed inventory of all technologies utilized within the company, identifying their respective users, business areas, and purposes. This process is pivotal in determining the firm's critical technology, making it a fundamental starting point.

An Important step is to identify and understand the various IT risks that an organization may face. We conduct comprehensive technology risk assessments and analyze potential threats to information and technology systems' confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Once third-party risks are identified, we evaluate their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence. A risk assessment typically involves assigning a risk rating to each identified risk, considering its possible financial, operational, and reputational effects on the organization.

We at Beaconer develop strategies to address and manage technology identified risks in this step. These strategies can vary depending on the nature of the risk. They involve implementing security and controls, creating redundancies, applying encryption, developing disaster recovery plans, and ensuring proper employee training and awareness programs.

The IT risk management process is dynamic and subject to regular review and improvement. Feedback from incidents, audits, and technological changes is used to refine risk management strategies continuously at Beaconer.

Managing Technology Risk
Why Choose Beaconer

Why Choose Beaconer for Managing Technology Risks?

  • Cost Saving

    Unlock unparalleled value with over 60% cost savings through cutting-edge assessment methods, leaving outdated approaches behind. Experience remarkable cost efficiency for your organization.

  • Tailored Approach

    Discover our bespoke assessment journey with a personalized approach, providing tailored solutions for every request. We work closely with your team to develop effective technology risk management strategies that align with your business objectives. Our solutions encompass many IT risks, including cyber threats, data breaches, system failures, etc.

  • AI Integrated Service Model

    Embrace, our revolutionary AI assessment model, combines managed services, achieving unmatched efficiency with 60% reduced assessment time.


Third party vendor risk management is crucial as organizations increasingly rely on external suppliers for third party risk management services, tprm software and products. Managing third party risk helps mitigate cybersecurity threats, data breaches, regulatory non-compliance, and reputational damage, safeguarding business operations, customer trust, and overall resilience in an interconnected business landscape.

Industries across the board, from finance to technology to healthcare, benefit from third party risk management services. Managing third party risk provides essential oversight in sectors where third party dependencies are prevalent, ensuring compliance, proper vendor onboarding, data security, and operational continuity, thus safeguarding against potential disruptions and reputational harm.

Failing to implement third party risk management services can lead to severe consequences such as data breaches, regulatory penalties, financial losses, and damage to reputation for organizations. Without proper oversight, organizations risk exposing sensitive information, facing legal repercussions, and undermining trust among stakeholders, potentially jeopardizing their long-term viability.

Yes we absolutely prioritize data protection when managing third party risk and it is an essential part of our third party risk management services. By safeguarding sensitive data, we mitigate the potential for data breaches, regulatory violations, and reputational damage. Strong data protection measures foster trust among stakeholders and ensure compliance with privacy regulations for our organization.

Getting started with Beaconer’s third party risk management services is straightforward. Simply reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs and objectives. We'll work closely with your organization to assess your current risk landscape, tailor our services to your requirements, and implement effective risk mitigation strategies to safeguard business operations from your third and fourth party vendors.


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